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The history of School of Economics and Management of China University of Petroleum-Beijing can be traced back to 1956, when the Department of Industrial Economics of Beijing Institute of petroleum was established. In corresponding to the demand of “Double First-Class” initiative, the School of Economics and Management was founded in November 2018, on the basis of formally School of Business Administration and the Academy of Chinese Energy Strategy (ACES).

The school of Economics and Managementis currently equipped with a complete range of disciplines, strong scientific research capabilities, abundant experimental facilities and fruitful teaching and research results.The school consists of 5 departments, including 1 doctorate program, 10 master’s programs and 6 bachelor’s programs. Specifically, the subject of Management Science and Engineering is accredited as “the Key discipline of Beijing City” and "the Top-notch subject in Beijing Universities”; Marketing is awarded as one of the nation’s distinguished majors, and Energy Finance is awarded as a pilot major by the Ministry of Education Comprehensive Reforms Campaign.

The school of Economics and Management devotes to cultivate outstanding innovative talents in the economic management fields, so as to serve for the energy corporations and governmental departments by providing intellectual support. Under the emerging circumstance caused by the rapid growth of Chinese economy and the development of higher education, the school of Economics and Management is stepping towards its ultimate goal, which is to become a domestic first-class and internationally renowned school with distinctive specialties and influential powers.


- Department of BusinessManagement

- Department of Finance

- Department of Applied Economics

- Department of Management Science and Engineering

- Department of Accounting


Bachelor’s Programs

- Accounting

- Finance Management

- Information Management and Information System

- Energy Economy

- Finance

- Marketing

Master’s Programs

- Management science and Engineering

- Industrial Economics

- Finance

- Technical economy and Management

- BusinessManagement


- Energy Finance and EnergySystem Analysis (English-taught)

PhD Programs

- Management science and Engineering