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The College of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering was founded after a readjustment in April 2010 from the former Mechanical & Electrical Engineering which was initially founded in 1953 as the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Beijing Petroleum College. Over 60 years of development has made the college a cradle for training of high-level talents in petroleum equipment, oil and gas storage and transportation, process equipment, and energy engineering.

The college is led by a pool of distinguished experts and scholars. There are 107 faculty members and staff, including 88 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, 92% of them have Ph. D. degrees, and 12 acquire doctoral degree abroad. 28 of them are professors or have equivalent titles, and 41 of them are associate professors. 36 of them are doctoral supervisors and 74 are master supervisors. One of the faculty was granted the national fund for Outstanding Young Scientist. There are 1 member of Discipline Evaluation Group of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee, 3 Special Government Allowance Experts, 1 National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation winner, 1 National Outstanding Teacher, 1 Beijing Teaching Famous Teacher, 2 Beijing Outstanding Teachers, 1 National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertations winner, 5 New Century Excellent Talent Supporting Project winners, 1 Fok Ying Tung Education Fund winner and 17 Young Top Talents.


- Department of Electromechanical Engineering

- Department of Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation

- Department of Thermal Engineering

- Department of Processing Equipment and Control


Bachelor's Programs

- Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

- Mechanical Engineering and Automation

- Thermal Energy Engineering

- Processing Equipment and Control Engineering

Master's Programs

- Mechanical Engineering

- Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

- Thermal Energy Engineering

- Chemical Processing Mechanics

PhD Programs

- Mechanical Engineering

- Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering

- Dynamic Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics